History of The King’s College Hospital Nurses’ League

On the 21st June 1924 the then present Sister Matron, Miss M.A.Willcox convened a meeting in order to form The King’s College Hospital Nurses’ League. A Committee was convened and their first meeting was held on the 26th September 1924 when their rules and aims were drawn up. Viscountess  Hambleden and Miss M.E. Ray,  a former Sister Matron, who in 1914 wanted to form a League but war broke out, were invited to become the first Patrons. Miss Willcox became its first President.


  1. Membership shall consist of nurses who have completed their course of training at King’s College Hospital.
  2. Nurses in their last year of training may become members, but will not be eligible for the badge until they receive their certificate.
  3. Any nurse, who for good reasons has had to give up training, may apply to become an associate, but will not be permitted to wear the badge.
  4. The subscription for members and associates shall be 2s 6d.annually and for nurses in their last year of training 1s 6d.; this shall include the Annual Magazine.


  1. To keep all nurses in touch with their Training School and to form a bond of union between past and present nurses.
  2. To ever remember the honour, dignity, and sacredness of their profession and to uphold and forward its usefulness and efficiency.
  3. To publish an Annual Magazine containing the names and addresses of all members and associates of the League and to have an Annual Reunion in the Hospital.

August 1924.

Source: King’s College Hospital Nurses’ League Journal No.1

A silver badge in the form of a brooch was designed.  There were 28 Founder Members.

By the 13th May 1925 membership had increased to 351. The first Annual General Meeting was held on the 6th June 1925 with 181 members present and 40 apologies were sent.

The Benevolent Fund was set up in 1938 with a donation of £50 and the Education Fund in 1929.

Source: Minutes of The King’s College Hospital Nurses’ League Committee meetings.