In Memoriam

Deaths of league members reported 2014

Miss M P Campbell (1951) died February 2014

Miss B H Connolly formerly Seal (1961) died June 11th 2014

Mrs B E Dainton nee Hill (1941) died June 17th 2014

Mrs M A Ducker nee Harvey (1971) died March 23rd 2014

Miss A Frost (1954) date of death unknown

Mrs E G Irving nee Mann (1952) died July 7th 2014

Miss C King (1966) died July 26th 2014

Mrs H E Little nee Potter (1948) died June 2nd 2009

Mrs M E May nee Ralph (1953) died December 2013

Mrs E.K Milsted nee Pipe (1947) died April 1st 2014

Mrs E M Morrish nee Trye (1950) died August 28th 2011

Mrs M E Pullam nee Capon (1947) died March 31st 2013

Mrs M B Sherlock nee Hughes (1953) died 31st May 2013

Miss P C Southwell (1970) died July 26th 2014

Mrs G M Steel nee Adcock (1951) died 20th December 2013

Miss E D Stewart (1969) died May 10th 2014

Miss P N Wilson (1952) died September 6th 2014

Deaths of league members reported 2013

Mrs J E Badger nee Thrale (1956) date of death unknown
Mrs M S Barnett nee Evans (1969) died June 27th 2013

Miss C Biart (1938) died several years ago Malawi

Mrs P M E Bliss nee Elson (1952) died June 2011

Miss P Carden (Honorary Member 1987) died October 3rd 2013

Mrs M L Cordock nee Pill (1950) died June 19th 2013

Mrs J M Herkes nee Peart (1967) died late 2012

Miss M A Hibbert (1946) died May 20th 2013

Mrs H M Hunter nee Bullock died October 3rd 2013

Mrs Y Khan nee Davis (1949) died March 16th 2013

Miss D E Kidd (1971) Journal returned marked deceased

Mrs J M King nee Lill (1956) died on March 7th 2013

Mrs J C Knapp nee Redrobe (1950) died 2013

Mrs J E Milton nee Thrale (1956) date of death unknown

Miss A M Moore (1967) No date

Mrs C A S Parker nee Bynoe (1955) died March 13th 2013

Mrs J Pennyfather (Honorary member 2005) died January 18th 2013

Mrs M A Trimble nee Lewis (1952) died December 10th 2010

Mrs J Turnbull nee Sleeman (1958) died March 8th 2013

Mrs P D Wells nee Siddall (1948) died April 26th 2013

Mrs P A Whatley nee Lever (1963) died February 22nd 2013

The date in brackets after the name, is the date of joining the League.