An annual Journal is published every March and sent to all Members of the King’s College Hospital Nurses’ League.  The contents include all details of the current year’s Reunion and the Annual General Meeting which is held on the second Saturday in May at the Hospital.

Information is provided about the League’s Benevolent Fund and how a member can apply for a grant from the Educational Grants Trust. As an acknowledgement of an education grant the member provides a report for the Journal on how the money has been spent.

There is always an update from King’s College Hospital and the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery.

There are sections within the Journal of past and future events of the League and its Members.

Members send in their items of news, reports of set reunions together with photographs and articles are very much welcomed.  Obituaries are also included. Changes of address, emails, new members, lost members are also included.  Every five years a full member’s list is published.

The Journal keeps all Members in touch with each other.