Annual reunion 2012

  • President Jenny Coleman at AGM 2012

    President Jenny Coleman at AGM 2012

  • Honorary officers at the AGM 2012

    Honorary officers at the AGM 2012

  • Professor Nigel Heaton at the reunion morning lecture 2012

    Professor Nigel Heaton at the reunion morning lecture 2012

Recollections of the League Reunion 2012

Rene Laher (Irene Williams) December 1962 set, writes:

I have been lucky enough to attend the Nurses’ League Reunion regularly over the past ten years, which, considering I live in Durban, South Africa, is pretty good going. It also testifies to how much I enjoy the meetings.  One of the highlights is arriving in the foyer of the Weston Education Centre and looking eagerly for familiar faces and catching up on news and remembering shared histories. This year was enhanced as it was our set’s 50th anniversary so there were 13 of us at the meeting. I wasn’t the only one to travel some distance, Elaine Blyfield came from Sydney, Trish Dlia from Casablanca, Chrissie Hoeppner from Saskatoon and Jenny McDonough from Toronto.

The arrival was somewhat dimmed this year by the absence of those smiling blue eyes behind the Bring and Buy table. How I missed Miss Caroline Moos.

I must admit I do not attend the lecture though most people did, and spoke enthusiastically about the report back from the King’s Liver Unit by Professor Nigel Heaton. Why didn’t I attend? I find most of the topics offered over the years have been irrelevant to my present life. It would be interesting to survey League members to find out what they would like as a subject for the mornings seminar. Personally I would like presentations from the nurses who have received and benefitted from bursaries from the Education Fund.

The Chapel Service is always inspiring and I am particularly moved by the dedication of the Nurses’ League badge, which is laid on the altar. The address by the Reverend Jean Yearwood was inspiring and appropriate.

I am involved in a communications skills organisation that trains, among other things, in how to conduct business meetings. I am happy to say that the AGM was conducted efficiently and effectively. A lot of important business was dealt with briskly and charmingly by our new President Jenny Coleman.

Roll on 2014 when I can attend again. I hope all those of you who are reading this will also feel moved to support the King’s College Nurses’ League, one of few surviving in London.

Jean Curtis writes:

My memory is of fine weather for this year’s reunion.

As a member of the committee I arrived early to help get ‘things’ ready, assisting with signage, propping doors open, arranging stalls. Soon people were arriving and the noise level rose considerably! The morning was spent manning the Home Produce, Cake and Craft Stall with Judith Eisenberg and Alison White. There were homemade jams, biscuits and cakes for sale and Judith had knitted some beautiful scarves which sold out. In fact almost everything was sold and we were very pleased with our takings.

The morning soon passed and at 11a.m. we assembled to hear Professor Nigel Heaton talk about The Liver Unit – Approaching 50. His address was extremely interesting. I trained in the late 60’s and I was intrigued by the difficulties encountered in setting the unit up and the fantastic progress made in the treatment of the patients ….. it can’t be almost 50 years surely?

The A.G.M. after lunch was relaxed and informative. There were quite a few overseas visitors. I am impressed that so many members make the effort to travel so many miles to attend the reunion. The camaraderie is amazing and it is sad that it now seems lost to today’s nursing students.

Time for tea and cake. As usual they were delicious and eventually people started to drift away and the tidying up commenced. It had been a long but enjoyable day. My only regret is that I haven’t seen anyone else from the January ’68 set for an awful long time.

From our Facebook page:

‘How lovely to be able to keep up with everyone! Our Reunion proved as usual to be a very memorable day!’

‘What a wonderful gathering of like minded women! Saturday was a day to remember.’

‘Really enjoyed the Reunion today – thanks so much to all who worked so hard to make it such a lovely day.’

Brenda Pottle describes the chapel service:

League Members filled St Luke’s Chapel for the Annual Reunion Service which was led by the Revd Ben Rhodes, Spiritual Care Lead and Chaplaincy Team Manager.

During the first hymn the King’s College Hospital Nurses’ League badge and buckle together with the Freedom of the London Borough of Southwark was presented and placed on the altar.

The readings were read by Miss Moyra Heggie, Deputy President and Mrs Jenny Coleman, President.  The address was given by the Revd Jean Yearwood, Honorary Curate, Saint Luke, Woodside, League Member and the prayers were led by Mrs Eileen Balding, Vice- President.

During the final hymn the badge, buckle and Freedom were re-presented.  The collection went to the work of the Liver Transplant Surgical Services.

The organist was Mr Brian Preston, Honorary Member